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Before and After Dermal Fillers *
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Case #1

The ageing process can produce significant under-eye bags, deflated cheek bones, mid- to lower-face sagging, as well as pronounced nasolabial folds and jowling. With the use of hyaluronic-acid-based fillers, this patient's volume loss was restored, producing a sophisticated result that helped turn back the clock without making the patient look "overfilled."

Case #2

In the first image, our patient came to us displeased with lip injections that were performed elsewhere, distorting her lips and making them appear disproportionate, as well as not allowing her upper teeth to show. At BeautyWorks NYC, we are expert at dissolving prior fillers. We call the process "filler overhaul." After dissolving the prior fillers, the patient was reinjected, and the end result is a beautiful pout appropriate to the patient’s age and facial features.

Case #3

A small amount of filler can go a long way: this patient desired a gentle pout, and came to us at BeautyWorks NYC for this attractive lip augmentation, appropriate to her age and facial structure.

Case #4

Here is another example of fillers done elsewhere that created a disproportionate, anatomically "wrong" lip structure. With hyaluronic-based fillers, this patient's asymmetric upper lip was corrected; her "lipstick lines" (caused by volume loss and smoking) were smoothed, and her vermillion border was enhanced.

Case #5

Our bride-to-be was concerned with the dark hollowing under her eyes, also known as a tear-trough area. With a wedding just two weeks away, we at BeautyWorks NYC used hyaluronic-acid based-fillers in this area, filling and correcting the hollows so that our patient now feels confident walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of friends and family members on her special day!

Case #6

This patient was concerned with her under-eye hollows. The aging process tends to decrease facial volume, and the under-eye area is often victim to dark circles and valleys. To rejuvenate and lend volume to the area, we at BeautyWorks NYC injected a careful amount of hyaluronic-acid-based filler to create a dramatic, yet natural, result.

Case #7

This patient came to BeautyWorks NYC concerned with under-eye hollowing which left her with dark shadows beneath her eyes. Using hyaluronic-acid-based fillers, we were able to address these concerns by restoring volume to the deficient area. The injectables smoothed away the patient's hollows, creating a beautifully bright and refreshed result.

Case #8

This patient disliked her thin upper lip and asymmetric lower lip. We at BeautyWorks NYC, using hyaluronic-acid based fillers, corrected the asymmetry of the lower lip and proportionately plumped the upper lip. Results are instant and can last up to a year!

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